Wanderung über kontaminierte Landschaften. Gestaltung: Susanna Niedermayr

cz023 12" Shirley M EP out feb16th

cologne meets vienna -

sonae meets chra meets vera kropf

In september 2013 sonae from cologne and chra from vienna met at female:pressures perspectives festival – a festival to call into question the issue of gender relations in electronic music. themed on feminism and idols sonae and chra started to work on a split EP as a tribute to Shirley MacLaine – Shirley M EP. Now it’s soon to be released with 3 tracks exploring sounds, frequencies and beats. 

preorder starts soon 

52 weeks in 2014 means 52 tracks by chra

daily updates: comfortzone on tumblr

RESHAFT - Mixtape hosted by outro Radio Orange, Vienna - nov7 2pm cet

Japanese duo RESHAFT compiled a mixtape for radioshow outro.

cz024 RESHAFT - DECON CD and digital - pre order now

chra - liveset 1st august 2014 @ sajeta festival, tolmin

weekly beats feat chra

one track per each week of the year 2014