chra in the hum - ACUD macht neu by Vinilette und Ultraviolett

Chra aus Wien macht das Label 

James Manning learns of Christina Nemec’s punk roots, Carinthian escapes, queer feminist issues of her label Comfortzone, and role models, to her band Shampoo Boy and solo project Chra.

slumber session: chra - mixtape: ... make the feel the cold heat

chra at popfest wien in der Karlskirche - by Christian Pausch

Zeit zum Nachdenken
Nach dem Konzert von Chra in der Wiener Karlskirche erzählen mir Freunde sie hätten kurz reingeschaut in die Kirche, aber wären "nicht reingekommen", also in die Musik. Kein Wunder: für diese Musik braucht man Zeit.

Wanderung über kontaminierte Landschaften. Gestaltung: Susanna Niedermayr

cz023 12" Shirley M EP out feb16th

cologne meets vienna -

sonae meets chra meets vera kropf

In september 2013 sonae from cologne and chra from vienna met at female:pressures perspectives festival – a festival to call into question the issue of gender relations in electronic music. themed on feminism and idols sonae and chra started to work on a split EP as a tribute to Shirley MacLaine – Shirley M EP. Now it’s soon to be released with 3 tracks exploring sounds, frequencies and beats. 

preorder starts soon 

52 weeks in 2014 means 52 tracks by chra

daily updates: comfortzone on tumblr