Crazy Bitch in a Cave

Crazy Bitch in a Cave by Ute Hoelzl

Since 2008 the one-person-show Crazy Bitch in a Cave (CBC in short) has been shaking bangs of flowing hair and complicating gender concepts with his eccentric live performances (in L.A., Berlin, Vienna, Bologna, Munich et al).

Performance art and pop, charts and subculture. CBC wants it all and much more. Thus his shows present an intricate unity of of visuals, avantgarde fashion, sound and charisma.

In 2007 Patrick Weber started making music under the alias Crazy Bitch in a Cave out of interest in questions of representation and gender in pop music. He quickly established himself as one of the most remarkable presences on Austrian and international stages performing on concert stages as well as in art galleries. In 2010 CBC's first and critically acclaimed single „On Top“ was released on the Viennese label comfortzone, that also included a fancy remix by Italian disco/house act Hard Ton. The single was included in the popular compilation „Soundselection“ compiled by Austrian alternative radio station FM4 and made it into several end-of-year lists.

Now Crazy Bitch in a Cave's much anticipated debut album PARTICLES is finally finished. CBC wrote, arranged, played, sang, recorded and produced all songs by himself in his very own living room.