cz023 12" ShirleyM EP

cz023 12" sonae vs chra (feat. vera kropf)
  • In september 2013 sonae (Sonia Güttler) from cologne and chra from vienna met at female:pressures perspectives festival – a festival to call into question the issue of gender relations in electronic music. themed on feminism and idols sonae and chra started to work on a split EP as a tribute to Shirley MacLaine – Shirley M EP. Now it’s soon to be released with 3 tracks exploring sounds, frequencies and beats.
  • Music by sonae is wide, flowery and raw - from the very quiet (ambient, modern classic) to tiny club moments (electronica) - always embedded in an electronic soundscape. she made her debut release in august 2012 with the two-track ep 'cologne' on ambient & electronica label a strangely isolated place.
  • sonae's debut-album 'far away is right around the corner' on Gudrun Gut's label monika enterprise has been scheduled for january 2015. besides her music work, sonae is an active member of female:pressure, an international network of female artists in electronic music, organising the 'female:pressure electronic concert' series in cologne.
  • chra is the alter ego of viennese author, DJ, music addict and radio/TV presenter Christina Nemec. after a period experimenting with low frequencies and noise effects, chra started to work on more club-friendly beats, using sinewaves processed through a tape recorder and other analogue and digital tools to allude to landscapes, territories, silence and extraordinary and extreme situations. chra is a member of Shampoo Boy and SV Damenkraft, has made performance works with Lydia Lunch, and runs her own label, comfortzone
  • Vera Kropf is vienna/berlin based guitarplayer and singer/songwriter, member of Luise Pop, featured in the movie "Oh yeah, she performs!"
ShirleyM EP
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