Kumbia Queers

Kumbia Queers are an all-female band hailing from Argentina and Mexico.
Their style can easily be called „tropical punk“. It's a wild mixture between afro-cuban elements and Latin American Cumbia, which are crucial in their music. But their attitude is most definitely punk all the way!
In their songs Kumbia Queers address the Latin American machismo – the well know latin lover klischee, for example – and other queer issues in a pretty aggressive way. Not without a tongue-in-cheek wink to bold provocation and utopian parties, though.
It is also quite common in Cumbia to cover well known songs, Kumbia Queers chose some classics from Punk, Pop and Rock history. But of course they don't just simply translate the songs step-by-step or do all-to-simple tropical remixes.
They rather really work with the material and change it in a way which is pretty close to the queer method of re-signification. They find the subtle - mostly heteronomic - meaning in the songs and change it completely, if they think it's necessary. That's real punk attitude, you see?!

Their third full length album - and first with exclusively their own material - will be released on comfortzone in fall 2012!